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InAmerica Founder and Managing Director Lilly Yu’s 10th Anniversary Gala Speech


The InAmerica story began more than ten years ago in a college dorm room. An undergraduate from Zhejiang began her path of entrepreneurship by starting a small test prep company. At that time she was 20 years old.


It was a winding path that took her first to the Graduate School of Education at University of Pennsylvania, then to the City of New York.


InAmerica 的故事始于十年前的一间大学宿舍,一位来自浙江的本科生通过创办一个小型的考试辅导机构开始了她的创业之路。当时她只有20岁。这是一条曲折却收获颇丰的道路,带着她走进了宾夕法尼亚大学的教育研究生学院,然后来到了纽约。

What has changed in the past ten years?




What has changed is that InAmerica is no longer that one-person shop looking for their first clientele. InAmerica education now has dozens of team members and hundreds of contractors around the world, and has assisted thousands of families, with every part of a child’s education - from pre-k (our youngest student being just 1.5 years old) all the way through to graduate school, alongside offering a variety of enrichment programs including research opportunities, internships, personal projects, tutoring programs, summer camps, and more.


InAmerica 发生了巨变,不再是一个单打独斗的个人公司,已成长为拥有数十名团队成员和遍布全球上百家合作方的全球化教育咨询公司,已累计协助数以千计的家庭达成升学目标。我们助力孩子的每一个成长阶段,包括从幼儿的学前教育(最小的学生只有1岁半)一直到研究生阶段,提供了科学规划方案的同时提供丰富的背景提升方案,包括科研机会、实习、个人项目、辅导课程、夏令营等。


But what hasn’t changed in the past ten years is the dedication to help each child, and every family, find their best school fit and right education path.  




What hasn’t changed is how rewarding it feels not only seeing the joy of a family receiving their dream offer, but also the transformation years after a child enrolls at the school, and more, the formation of their characters and personalities.


我们不仅共同感受到了家庭收到他们梦寐以求的录取通知书时的喜悦,  更重要的是见证了孩子在进入梦校后的成长,以及个性和性格的成功塑造,这份成功教育规划所带来的成就感也从未改变。


And of course, what hasn’t changed is the optimism that every challenge is an opportunity for positive changes, and growth.




I want to thank our InAmerica team members and wonderful partners, whether you joined us for years or just recently. Thank you for empowering InAmerica’s mission to achieve the best educational outcome for every child, which can be a stressful time for many families. From a 6am meeting, to finishing up an essay at 11pm. Everyone of you contributes to the growth.


我要感谢我们的 InAmerica 优秀的团队成员和各位合作伙伴,无论您是多年前还是最近加入我们。感谢你们认可并坚守InAmerica的教育使命,陪伴许多家庭共度这充满压力的时期,为每个孩子实现最佳的教育结果而努力。无论是早上6点的会议还是到晚上11点的论文修改,各位同仁为 InAmerica 的成长都做出了竭诚的贡献。


And I want to of course thank our clients, without whom none of this would be possible. We cannot express in words how much we appreciate your support and your trust. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your children’s educational journey.


同时,我要感谢 InAmerica 的所有客户,没有你们,就没有InAmerica今天所取得的一切成就。真的无法用言语来表达对你们所给予的支持和信任的感激之情。感谢你们让 InAmerica 成为孩子教育旅程的一部分。


From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone for being part of the InAmerica family. Thank you for being there as we lead the charge to a brighter future in admissions preparations and educational consulting.


从我的内心深处,我要感谢成为 InAmerica 大家庭一员的每个人。是你们长久以来的认可与支持,使 InAmerica 的升学规划和教育咨询可以更顺利的引导同学们走向更光明的未来。


This is just the first chapter for InAmerica, and we are just getting started.


首个十年,只是 InAmerica 的第一章,我们才刚刚开始,未来还有更长远的路要走。


First, we are not content with resting on our laurels - we will constantly seek to provide an even higher level of services on a larger scale.




Second, we will continue adding new members to our team, those who believe in our mission and culture of excellence, customer centricity, and diversity.


其次,InAmerica 将持续增加新的血液,欢迎那些愿意践行和认可 InAmerica 卓越文化和使命、以客户为中心,并拥有多元化背景的有志之士的加入。


Lastly, InAmerica will become a thought leader and a trusted authority in the field of education consulting so that we can truly espouse our values and beliefs that every child can shine and have unlimited potential.


最后,InAmerica 将成为教育咨询领域的思想领袖和值得信赖的权威公司,因此我们可以更广泛的传播 InAmerica 的教育价值观和教育信念,即每个孩子都可以闪耀光芒,并拥有无限潜力。


We will be the solid bedrock during this unstable time, and become the foundation for a brighter future for not just InAmerica students, but the larger community and society as a whole.


在这个瞬息万变、充满挑战的时代,我们不仅是 InAmerica 学生求学成才之路上最坚实的基石,同时目标成为更广泛社区和整个社会未来教育的基石。



Together we will write the next chapters of the InAmerica story.

May the next ten years, and the many ten years to come be just as rewarding as or more regarding than our first.


我相信,我们将共同谱写 InAmerica 的新一篇章,携手踏上充满希望的未来,开创更多积极的可能性。在未来的十年甚至许多个十年,我们也将如第一个十年一样,收获颇丰,并相信未来一定能获得更多成就。


让我们共同期待下一个十年、愿我们初心不变 愿我们归来仍是少年。

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