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InAmerica   International   Since   2010

InAmerica International Team

Our Team

With nearly a decade of experience, InAmerica has assembled a diverse and professional consulting team with solid educational experiences, and a rich and trustworthy network of relevant educational resources. All of our mentors are familiar with the school application process, the characteristics of each school, and their admissions needs and trends. InAmerica’s consultants have more than 10 years of application experience providing guidance to help students improve their overall performance, including academic level, learning potential, character development, interview skills, personalized student portfolio.


InAmerica's team always adheres to a multidimensional and multicultural mentorship system, tapping into the best ideas in global education. InAmerica is constantly researching and developing the most forward-looking and influential education experts in their respective fields.

K-12 Consulting


Associate Director of K-12/Boarding Admissions Consulting (Lower Schools)

-Nicolas Edwards.jpg

Associate Director of  K-12/Boarding

Admissions Consulting

(Middle & Upper Schools)

-Anran Shen.jpg

Associate Consultant for 

K-12/BoardingSchool Admissions

Matthew Gabel.png

Consultant for

K-12/Boarding School Admissions

Deborah Bradley-Kramer.jpg

Consultant for

K-12/Boarding School Admissions

Consultant for

K-12/Boarding School Admissions

Consultant for

K-12/Boarding School Admissions

College/Grad Consulting

Cindy Xinyi Zhang.jpg

Associate Director of

College Prep and Support

-Yang Yu.jpg

Consultant of College

Preparations and Enrichment

-Jason Goldfarb.jpg

Senior Consultant for College Admission

Quinn Furness.jpg

Senior Consultant for

College Admissions

College Admissions Consultant 

-Yuhan Wu.jpg

Associate Consultant for Admissions

Vincent Wang.jpg

Senior Consultant for College Admission

Victor Lou.jpg

Consultant for College Admission


-Chong Zhao.jpg

Consultant for College Preparations and Enrichment

-Sergey Ryappo.jpg

Senior Educational Consultant

Sales and Support

Grace Zhou.JPG

Sales Specialist

Leo Xu.jpg

Sales Specialist



Deputy Director of

Marketing Operations

Guiyue Zhang.png

Senior Media Specialist

wang jinglin.jpg

Social Media Specialist

Business Development


Associate Director of College

Consulting and Outreach


Director of

Greater Asia Business Initiatives 


-Yijing Zhang.jpg

Administrative Manager

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