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InAmerica's team believes firmly in building up an international tutoring system that explores the best concepts in Sino-American culture and education, and strives constantly to be the most insightful and influential education experts in their respective fields.

"Reflection matters", As leaders in elite education, we know that every seed has the potential to grow into a big tree: We work to safeguard this educational promise and to guide our students toward fruitful and fulfilling lives. 


Lilly Yu

Managing Director

Dedicating her career to education, Lilly started doing international admissions, test preparation and private school applications second year in college. Inspired by her students who successfully went overseas for school, she decided to apply for herself to the Graduate School of Education at University of Pennsylvania. She believes that education changes lives. Lilly grew up watching her parents run a manufacturing business and she inherited the entrepreneurial roots. She has always been constantly working on how to improve education services, how to grow the company and how to make a more positive impact on the education industry. Outside of work, Lilly is the mother of one and loves her fluffy animals: a Coton de Tulear and an orange tabby. Lilly also loves running and flower arrangement — she appreciates both the strength and delicacy in those activities.  

Yijing Zhang 拷贝.jpg

Yijing Zhang


Yijing Zhang is currently working in administration at InAmerica.I graduated from Wright State University in 2022. I have worked as an English teacher and tutor during my college years and continued my English education studies and practice after coming to the US.I have also worked as a coordinator in the University's International Education Center, where I assisted and coordinated international students with their admissions, immigration, and life issues. I enjoy working with different cultures and people, I like to explore and learn, and I believe that education is about influence and it is infinite, which is one of the reasons why I want to continue to work in the education industry. Inspired by the people around me, they taught me to believe in the power of women and myself, and always lift other women up that you see around you. It takes a network of us to change the world and make it more equitable for future generations of women. I am looking forward to my new journey at InAmerica!

Thea Van Gorp

Associate Director of K12/Boarding

Thea Van Gorp joined InAmerica about 3 years ago and is the Associate Director of the K12 division. With a background in informal education, Thea has worked in a variety of educational settings, including museums, universities, afterschool programs, and more to support students of all ages. She completed a Masters of Anthropology and Education from the Teachers College at Columbia University and has years of experience supporting students and families with applications, essays, interviews, and educational planning. She enjoys artist outlets and exploring new places. 


Krista Carragher 

 Consultant for K12/Boarding School Admissions

Krista is a Consultant with the K-12 and Boarding School Division at InAmerica. She holds a Dual Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education from New York University. Having worked as an educator and in admissions for over 10 years, Krista is familiar with the NYC and NJ private schools, including some top private schools such as Trinity and Avenues. After working with students to explore their interests and educational goals, she works with both students and families to help find a school which is the best fit. In her free time, Krista is a self-proclaimed foodie, always trying to find the best vegan spots as well as spending time with her rescue animals: a cat named Brimley, dog named Rocky, and another dog named Athena.

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Lynn Sun 拷贝.png

Lynn Lin Sun

Regional Director of Marketing

Lynn is currently responsible for the company's marketing business in Shanghai China, exploring various channels suitable for the company's brand communication, planning targeted communication plans and promoting implementation. In the years before joining the inAmerica family, she worked at the Chinese headquarters of an American company. Her career was committed to market strategic planning, mobilizing relevant resources, planning and organizing marketing activities, and focusing on maintaining and improving the company's market competitiveness. After work, she loves traveling. She has traveled all provinces in mainland China by road trip . She has a long term life experience in Beijing, Zhuhai and Chengdu. Now she lives in Shanghai with her family and cute dog Lucky.

James 拷贝.jpg

James Yuan

Manager of Business Initiatives

James is the Marketing Manager at InAmerica. He first joined InAmerica in 2019 while studying at Temple University, Philadelphia. After working as a Project Consultant for about a year, James decided to go back to school to pursue his education further. James got his MS degree in Management and Systems from New York University. While at NYU, he was the President of the Management and System Student Association and helped his peers to access many NYU resources. Before working with InAmerica, James has overseen marketing and business development for several startups. Utilized his expertise to process and analyze user feedback, collect data, and develop strategic marketing plans. The products he was responsible for were successfully launched on e-commerce platforms, including Amazon and eBay. James is also interested in sports, especially basketball. He was the first-ever Chinese Mandarin broadcaster to broadcast NCAA games.

Lilly Liyun Fan

Office Manager - Regional

Lilly Fan got a BSc in Applied Business Computing and  Master of Business Management  from University of Sunderland.  Fan joined InAmerica Education about 3 years ago and is in charge of pre-consulting and provide comprehensive supporting.Before this position, she worked for different bilingual school admission departments and international learning centers in Shanghai and accumulated extensive knowledge in the international educational system.With over 7 years of experience in this area, Fan has helped thousands of families and students access to Global Education.

Lilly Fan.jpg

Eva Xu

Manager of Business Initiatives

Eva Xu is from Shandong, the hometown of Confucius. She graduated with a degree in International Business from Philadelphia University (Thoms Jefferson University). She served as the head of the investment promotion department of a new energy company in Shanghai. In free time, she likes to listen to R&B, travel, watch movies and YOGA. Later, she established Shandong Joy Edu, and In America edu started an exclusive cooperation in Shandong. Through the cooperation in the past few years, she has gradually learned about In America edu and analyzed the Chinese and USA market. It is an honor to join this big family!

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Quinn Furness

FAO Consultant

Quinn Furness is a Senior Educational Consultant originally from Illinois. He has his undergraduate degree in music from DePaul University in Chicago and a Masters of Science in Education Policy from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. Professionally, he has worked in undergraduate admissions for both Northwestern and Johns Hopkins University, as well as law school admissions in Chicago. He also holds professional experience in fraternity and sorority advising as well as serving as an ordained minister for local weddings. For fun, Quinn loves to play the piano, run marathons, and attend Chicago Cubs baseball games. As great as the East and West Coasts of the US are, there's nothing quite like the four seasons of the Midwest, the kind and friendly people, and the excellent variety of pizza options. He looks forward to working with you throughout your educational journey!


Senior Consultant

Cindy Zhang is a senior educational consultant at InAmerica, specialized at college and graduate school application. She holds a Master of Science degree in Education at the University of Pennsylvania and undergraduate degree from Hong Kong Baptist University. She is also a Doctor of Education Candidate at the University of Illinois-Champagne. Cindy has educational and teaching experience in Hong Kong, Japan, mainland China and the U.S. and familarize with multiple languages. She has also worked as a school counselor and an international educational program manager for the past four years at private and public high schools in Midwest and the alumni interviewer of the University of Pennsylvania before joining InAmerica. Currently, she lives in Bay Area, California with her family and two doggies.

Margaret Nilsson

Cathy Xiaoyu Hu

Manager of CSS (Currently also supporting Enrichment Division)

I am Xiaoyu(Cathy) Hu, from Chengdu China. I am manager of CSS (Client Success Support), also responsible for Enrichment Programs. I obtained the master degree in Human Resource Management from Temple University. I have much experience with students, started as a part-time English teacher for primary school students while I was at the college, then worked at the college career center as the career development consultant helped students with their career building, followed that I started an Art Training Institute and eventually joined InAmerica as manager of CSS (Client Success Support). I love Panda and Hotpot!

Cathy Hu.jpeg

Blair Zhang

Associate Director of ERP

Blair Zhang is currently in charge of tutoring, internship and enrichment program. She holds an MBA degree from Adelphi University in New York. Outside of work, Blair reads a lot, from business category to true crime category. And she also enjoy the city life in New York. With such an influential company behind her, she now has access to the best talent in the industry and unparalled resources to enhance her clients' experience and success. She looks forward to working with you all and as always, thank you for your continued support!

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Grace Zhou

Sales Specialist

Grace holds a Master’s Degree in MBA from University of Massachusetts, she has more than 8 years of education industry and professional experience in High School and College consulting. She has helped many Chinese students who's looking to study abroad. Grace is skilled at organizing and creating plans to improve students’ soft skills while providing help during their school application process. Grace works closely with the team of college planning and application consultants, so she's very familiar with the entire application process and she is good at inspiring students and helping them discover their potential.

Cindy Gong.jpeg

Cindy Ping Gong

Director of K12/Boarding

Cindy Gong joined InAmerica Education about 5 years ago and is in charge of the K-12 division. Before this position, she worked for different Education consulting companies in Beijing and accumulated extensive knowledge in the K-12 educational system, particularly in the United States. With over 10 years of experience in this area, Cindy has helped hundreds of families and students to achieve their goals and eventually study in the best-fit schools. Cindy completed her MBA marketing program at Montclair State University (NJ) and is currently living in NJ. 

Yiting Ding


Suny holds a master degree from Graduate School of Education at University of Pennsylvania and a bachelor degree from College of Communication at Boston University. She has experience in working with K12 students and college students from the US and other countries all around the world. She is good at communicating with her students and support them to explore their interests and guide them in their education journeys.

Sunny Ding.jpeg

Helena  Fang

Director of College Consulting

Helena Fang is a Senior College Consultant and currently in charge of the college division at InAmerica. She earned her M.S.Edu. from University of Pennsylvania. In the past 12 years, Helena has been working with international students with various interests as their academic advisor and college admissions consultant, and supported them to get into Ivy Leagues and other selective colleges in the US, Canada, Singapore, UK, and a few other countries. Due to her eight-year background in visual arts, she has also worked with students with art talents and interests, and helped them get into prestigious art colleges. She understands very well the needs, lacks and wants from international students and families. One of her hobbies is to visit college campuses, and she has visited over 40 colleges. Having strong communication skills and passion for education, she is able and willing to assist students at InAmerica along their journey to achieve their goals.

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Joshua Mauro

Senior Consultant

Joshua Mauro is a Senior College Admissions Consultant with over ten years of direct admissions office experience. Joshua graduated with Latin honors from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a bachelor of arts (concentration in psychology). After graduation, Joshua worked for three years in JD Admissions at Harvard Law School. Realizing his passion for helping students attain their educational goals, he decided to enroll in the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education for an MSEd in Higher Education. While enrolled in his master's program, Joshua worked in Undergraduate Student Life at the Wharton School. Since graduating, he has worked for a number of different universities in admissions, both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. In his consulting capacity, Joshua has worked with many niche student populations including recruited athletes, artists (BFA candidates), international students, and those interested in professional degrees (law and health sciences). In his free time, Joshua serves on the Board of Directors for a nonprofit theater company and enjoys hiking with his dog Penny. 

Xinyi Zhang.jpg

Senior Consultant

Cindy Zhang is a senior educational consultant at InAmerica, specialized at college and graduate school application. She holds a Master of Science degree in Education at the University of Pennsylvania and undergraduate degree from Hong Kong Baptist University. She is also a Doctor of Education Candidate at the University of Illinois-Champagne. Cindy has educational and teaching experience in Hong Kong, Japan, mainland China and the U.S. and familarize with multiple languages. She has also worked as a school counselor and an international educational program manager for the past four years at private and public high schools in Midwest and the alumni interviewer of the University of Pennsylvania before joining InAmerica. Currently, she lives in Bay Area, California with her family and two doggies.

Xinyi Cindy

Marcus Lewis.jpg

Marcus Lewis

Senior Consultant

Marcus Lewis is a Senior College Consultant with a decade and a half experience in college and high school planning, test preparation and writing instruction, curriculum design, and creative writing. Marcus holds a Master’s in American Studies from Columbia University and a Bachelor's in American Studies from the University of Minnesota. Currently, Marcus lives in Nashville with his wife and two cats, Emmylou and Nandor; but he has also lived in Minnesota, Los Angeles, and New York. Outside of work, Marcus is an avid traveler, foodie, film enthusiast, reader, and runner as well as an amateur chef and crossword puzzle constructor. His favorite part of college consulting is getting to know students and feeling like he is at least partially easing what is often the most stressful part of their lives so that they can reach their own goals and find the best fits for their dreams, interests, and personalities. 

Marcus Lewis.jpg

Demmy Villalpando

Senior Consultant

Demmy is a PhD Candidate and Senior College Consultant with over eight years of experience. After graduating from the University of California, Berkeley in 2013, Demmy accepted a job in South Korea where he worked as an SAT preparation instructor, AP Social Sciences and English teacher, and college consultant until the summer of 2016, when he left for the University of Chicago to pursue a doctoral degree in History. Because his work as a college consultant between 2013 and 2016 made an impact in the college consulting industry in South Korea, he was invited to work remotely from Chicago as a senior college consultant. After receiving very positive results in the 2016 application cycle, Demmy worked as the college specialist of an international high school in South Korea. From 2017 to present, Demmy has continued to successfully help students get admitted to their far reach and reach schools. In his many years of experience, Demmy has had dozens of students admitted to top universities, including every top 20 school.

As a college consultant, Demmy guides students with diverse interests and goals, including helping students get admitted into top business schools (such as Wharton, Haas, and Stern), top computer science and engineering programs, as well as specialized programs like accelerated dental, BS/MD, and more. Despite being a social sciences and humanities expert, as a consultant, Demmy is also an expert in working with STEM, business, and art students. Demmy’s clients highlight his ability to coach and support students in the brainstorming and execution of exceptional college essays. 

Demmy Villalpando.jpg
Lynn Sun.png

Elizabeth Manning

Essay Editor

Elizabeth Manning, Essay Editor, is a laboratory researcher turned international-affairs journalist turned teacher and freelance editor, and thus has brought a wide range of skills to her work for InAmerica since 2018. Apparently she just can't stop learning and exploring. Elizabeth enjoys helping students convey their genuine enthusiasm for their own interests and passions. She initially joined InAmerica out of curiosity but has stayed because its supportive environment and resources just seem to bring out the best in everyone!

Amber Zhang.JPG

Director of CSS

Amber Zhang is the Director of Client Support and Success at InAmerica. She studied Corporate Communication at Northeastern University for graduate study and Philosophy for undergraduate study. She has more than 8 years of experience in high end customer/client relationship management. She enjoys working with the students and the parents on a personal level, and help them figure out the best way that works for them. Outside of work, Amber enjoys boxing, hiking, listen to podcast, and hanging out with her husband and friends. She currently lives in Boston, MA. 

Amber Zhang

Sunshine Liu.png

Amanda Uhry

Senior Consultant

Amanda holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University. She had been in educational consulting for nearly 20 years and has worked on every point of entry from preschool to K-12 (including boarding school) and college admissions.  She is highly experienced in all aspects of admissions process.

Sunshine Liu

Senior Consultant

Sunshine holds a Bachelor degree in Qufu Normal Univsity and got a postgraduate certificate of Mangement and Administration in University of Manitoba, Canada. She has over ten years of consulting experience in private school application
Years of experience in private day schools promotion with home stay arrangement and parents’ supports

Sunshine Liu.png