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A Fake World

A Fake World


A Fake World is an imagination of the future world. I loved the idea of being creative  about the future world, and I was excited to recreate some places that I love in  the current world in the painting. I put on a sidewalk, highway, performing stage,  windmill, roller coaster, and hot balloons, and I even drew myself beside the hot  air balloon! If you look closely, you will surely find where I am. I also made it extra  colorful to maximize the futuristic effect!

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  • Artist Statement

    Amy loves the imaginative world. She likes telling stories through
    her art. Her sketches are like windows into her imaginative world,
    where she weaves tales of brave knights, friendly chameleons, and
    enchanted forests. Amy's art is a reflection of her dreams and the
    amazing stories she carries in her heart.

  • Author

    Zhuoyan Yu

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