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The InAmerica team gathers with international students, families, and school teachers, to celebrate Chinese New Year together! 


This year, Harvard enrolled 10 Chinese children, 9 of whom are American school students! 


At the beginning of the New Year, the hope is always new! Review is for a better understanding of the present, grasp the future, let's review the growth process of 2022 


On December 26,2022 "China" tencent education annual peak BBS in Beijing hotel, BBS with "wisdom education draw the future" as the theme, invited education policy ...


Education is the original aspiration, leading the industry is the vision of the enterprise, build a bridge of responsibility, and do more things for the industry 


Therefore, 36 Kr joined hands with Kingpin Communication to build "36 Kr 2022 Global Chinese Elite Power 100", which is the first time that 36 Kr has ...


According to the 2021 edition of the Survey Report on the Status and Intention of Chinese Enterprises, the flow and stock of China's OFDI have been among the top ...


Founder of International Education in the United States Lily Yu: Study abroad education is not a fast track, but an evergreen track


The fourth InAmerica K-12 Famous School Exhibition was held online from September 27 to early October, 2022, and was a great success! 


nAmerica Education The international K-12 Private Schools Exhibition is one of the most popular activities for parents over the years. 


2022 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The ongoing COVID-19 and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine have long filled the invisible battlefield...


The official organizer of the most authoritative reputation of the scene Zoom connection, the admissions officer of the university to analyze the resume and application ...

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