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  • Team | InAmerica Education

    InAmerica International Since 2010 InAmerica International Team Our Team With nearly a decade of experience, InAmerica has assembled a diverse and professional consulting team with solid educational experiences, and a rich and trustworthy network of relevant educational resources. All of our mentors are familiar with the school application process, the characteristics of each school, and their admissions needs and trends. InAmerica’s consultants have more than 10 years of application experience providing guidance to help students improve their overall performance, including academic level, learning potential, character development, interview skills, personalized student portfolio. InAmerica's team always adheres to a multidimensional and multicultural mentorship system, tapping into the best ideas in global education. InAmerica is constantly researching and developing the most forward-looking and influential education experts in their respective fields. K-12 Consulting Krista Carragher Associate Director of K-12/Boarding Admissions Consulting (Lower Schools) Krista Carragher Nicolas Edwards Associate Director of K-12/Boarding Admissions Consulting (Middle & Upper Schools) Thea Van Gorp Senior Consultant for K-12/Boarding School Admissions Matthew Gabel Consultant for K-12/Boarding School Admissions Anran Shen Associate Consultant for K-12/Boarding School Admissions Nate Forlini Consultant for K-12/Boarding School Admissions Deborah Bradley-Kramer Consultant for K-12/Boarding School Admissions Consultant for K-12/Boarding School Admissions Echo Ma Consultant for K-12/Boarding School Admissions College/Grad Consulting Cindy Zhang Associate Director of College Prep and Support Marcus Lewis Associate Director of College Admissions and Analytics Jason Goldfarb Senior Consultant for College Admission Quinn Furness Senior Consultant for College Admissions David Cha ​ College Admissions Consultant Yang Yu Consultant of College Preparations and Enrichment Yuhan Wu Associate Consultant for Admissions Enrichment Chong Zhao Consultant for College Preparations and Enrichment Sergey Ryappo Senior Educational Consultant Sales and Support Sales Specialist Grace Zhou Senior Client Relations and Sales Specialist Claire Qi Sales Specialist Andy Tan Sales Associate Rae Qin Marketing Greta Su Deputy Director of Marketing Operations Sirui Chen Senior Marketing Editor Guiyue Zhang Senior Media Specialist Senior Operations Manager Lilly Fan Huan Zhang Marketing Advisor and Senior Editor Business Development Joshua Mauro Associate Director of College Consulting and Outreach Eva Xu Director of Greater Asia Business Initiatives Executive/Admin Yijing Zhang Administrative Manager

  • Student Mentorship Program | InAmerica Education

    InAmerica International Since 2010 Student Mentorship Program K12 Division College Division Empowering Future Leaders At InAmerica, we're proud of our students and continuously seek ways to support them. Our newest initiative, the Student Mentorship Program, emerged from the need to guide students beyond gaining prestigious school admissions. It is designed to harness the collective wisdom and experiences of our past successful clients, enabling them to mentor aspiring students. ​ Our goal is to provide invaluable guidance and support to the next generation of leaders as they navigate the admissions process, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and mentorship needed to excel, both academically and personally. Through fostering a supportive mentorship community, we aim to empower future leaders in their educational journeys. Mentor Selection Excellence Selecting mentors for this program is a rigorous process that ensures only the most qualified candidates are entrusted with guiding our younger students. We understand the profound impact that mentors can have on a student's path to success, which is why we choose mentors who have not only successfully gained admissions into top schools but have also demonstrated exceptional leadership, empathy, and dedication throughout their own academic journeys. Our mentors are carefully vetted, offering a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences to create a dynamic and enriching mentorship network. Student Mentors

  • College Preparation Carnival | InAmerica Education

    2022 Canival 2021 Canival 2022 College Preparation Carnival InAmerica International 在美教育 Earthwatch Institute: Expeditions, Research & Fellowship 地球观察研究所科研夏校 Event recordings: Summer Discovery 夏季探索 Heartland Film Festival: Internship & Volunteering 心田国际电影节实习志愿项目 InAmarica CPC program Introduction InAmerica Ivy League Admissions & Students Round-Table Panel High School Public Debate Program 国际高中公开辩论赛 Upenn Pre-College Summer Program 宾夕法尼亚大学暑期预科项目 International History Olympiad 国际历史奥林匹克锦标赛 International Academic Competitions (International Geography Championships) 国际地理冠军赛 New YorkFilm Academy Summer Program 纽约电影学院夏校项目 Keru Summer Volunteer 课儒全球志愿者项目 National Student Leadership Conference 美国国家学生领袖联合会暑期提升项目 Asdan 阿思丹 Business Competitions UK EPQ Program

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