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An introspective piece on self-scrutiny and identity, this artwork delves into the cultural disconnect experienced by the Chinese-American diaspora. The canvas is adorned with patterns and motifs that draw inspiration from Chinese art, particularly the Dunhuang murals. The composition is anchored by a central, contemplative figure and a mirror, symbolizing introspection.

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  • Artist Statement

    I am an American-born Chinese artist. I believe in the power of being able to show what I truly feel through art. Art is a key part of my life because it emphasizes my experiences, and I can proudly show the world my Chinese heritage, and growing up in America as a child of immigrant parents.

    My work finds inspiration from modern media such as television shows, musicians,   and urban experiences. I enjoy using loose, rustic linework with an array of bright and lively colors, using similar saturations across the entire color range. I have a preference to work with blues and greens.

  • Author

    Amelie Zhang

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