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InAmerica   International   Since   2010

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Our primary focus is helping students and families achieve their educational goals and dreams. We are all committed to providing high-quality educational consulting services that positively impact student development and growth through application preparation and process. We operate as a team and everyone has the opportunity to progress in the organization. If you are looking for a fast-paced, exciting and rewarding career opportunity, InAmerica is the place for you!



Founded eight years ago by UPenn graduates, InAmerica Education is one of the most well-known and high-quality education companies in the United States. Our company now has:

· over 25 full-time staff
· 80 part-time application reviewers, mentors and coaches
· works with the most prestigious schools and institutions



Education is a lifelong career. People in America Education are committed to taking school application work as a team goal, and working with families and students to realize their dreams.

· take the process of achieving this goal as a means of improvement
· shape the realization of improvement and growth
· shape character and quality



Under the general trend of education globalization, in order to realize the connection of the highest quality education consultation, information and related resources in major cities and regions around the world, studentsin the United States have:

· long-term goals of family education and borderless planning
· long-term goals of university application and career planning
· a comprehensive service system of education services

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Team Culture

Advocate macro, project-based management, and create a mutually supportive, diversified and international work environment.


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Committed to recruiting talents in the education sector, optimizing benefits such as salary, insurance, family care and other aspects of treatment.

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Work Life

Advocate macro, project-based management, and create a mutually supportive, diversified and international work environment.

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Join this growing company, develop rapidly with the team, and improve your workplace skills and career aspirations.


Blair Zhang

Associate Director of Enrichment Programs

As a mother of a child, since I returned to the workplace and joined the InAmerica team, I have gained many opportunities for growth and improvement. I am grateful to the company for the valuable improvement and experience.


Quinn Furness

Senior Consultant for College Admissions

I really like this kind of team-based work style, which allows me to support other students who are completing the consultation and improvement at the best level we can.

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Cindy Gong

Junior Partner, Director of K-12/Boarding

It’s been the sixth year since I joined InAmerica Education. I am very grateful to have such a good opportunity to grow with the company. I hope the company will get better and better.​

We Are 
Join our team

Private School Admissions Consultant

/ New York, NY

Associate Manager of Enrichment Programs

/ New York, NY

Associate Consultant for Private School Admissions

/ New York, NY

Marketing Manager

/ New York, NY


  • Manage/oversee marketing efforts based on overarching corporate objectives/current industry characteristics/allotments;

  • Develop/implement international branding campaign & marketing strategies;

  • Promote/communicate services offerings to clientele regarding academic project progress/evaluation;

  • Maintain & develop international school partnerships in North America/UK/Australia;

  • Monitor domestic & international recruiting process, lead teams to provide successful consulting services;

  • Provide marketing insights to management by identifying & tracking market prospects/sponsors/outside funding, and ensure the fundraising activities are efficient & legal;

  • Provide budgetary proposals for marketing plan by assessing pricing tactic & targeting clients’ awareness.

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