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What Happened to My Pumpkins?

What Happened to My Pumpkins?


This is a collage-style art of my favorite fall creature, pumpkin. After line drawing  the huge pumpkins, I came up with the idea of adding vibrancy and flow of motion  to the painting. I cut out different geometric shapes that represent the irregularity  of the pumpkin shape and patterns and then drew dots of different sizes on it. This  painting is full of vitality.

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  • Artist Statement

    Amy loves the imaginative world. She likes telling stories through
    her art. Her sketches are like windows into her imaginative world,
    where she weaves tales of brave knights, friendly chameleons, and
    enchanted forests. Amy's art is a reflection of her dreams and the
    amazing stories she carries in her heart.

  • Author

    Zhuoyan Yu

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