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Stab Someone In The Back

Stab Someone In The Back


I drew inspiration from this idiom and crafted a clay corner that reflects its essence. To capture the story's plot, I used the  black shadows of two figures to depict the inner thoughts of the characters. Furthermore, by drawing a wall with visible cracks, I aimed to portray the issue of trust that exists between them.

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  • Artist Statement

    I create art that relates to my daily life and focuses on my personal experiences. In addition to art, another passion of mine is sociology. I hope to vividly express the complexities of the development, structure, and functioning of human society to the public through my brush. As a painter, I am better at expressing my thoughts with my brush than with language. When I encounter problems or have strong emotions, I use painting to find ideas and soothe emotions. I pay attention to detail and use paint to call attention to these topics. As a creative person, I'm always looking for new materials and techniques to incorporate into my work.

    I believe that art can create change, and in that way, artists are leaders in society. I believe that innovation can make art soulful and eternal. I embrace challenges as a creative force that helps me reach a higher level in my work, and I hope my work communicates freedom, hope, and empathy to you.

  • Author

    Amy Dong

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