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A Warm New Year's Meal

The InAmerica team gathers with international students, families, and school teachers to celebrate the Chinese New Year together!


01 / Purpose of the Event and Preparation

The InAmerica team understands that many families and students cannot return to their home countries during the Chinese New Year and cannot reunite with their families and friends for a lively and warm Chinese New Year.

So this year, for the first time since the pandemic, the InAmerica team invited local school teachers, international students, and families from around New York to gather for a fun "ChuXi" New Year's meal together!

Together we celebrated Chinese New Year's Eve and welcomed the Lunar Year. In addition, the Spring Festival was a great way to get into the Chinese New Year spirit.

Early Saturday morning local time in New York, InAmerica's colleagues and staff arrived at New York's famous local seafood restaurant, Fish Village. The preparations for the event began in earnest. We prepared traditional gifts for all the guests, including Chinese New Year lucky bags, and the Year of the Rabbit red packets.

02 / Gourmet Seafood

Thanks to the restaurant for their support in preparing a sumptuous New Year's Eve dinner for us with six tables full of food. Including Emperor crab three ways, crispy chicken, coconut milk chicken soup, beef rib, and 15 signature dishes.

03 / Traditional Performance


Halfway through the New Year's Eve dinner, a lion dance performance was staged! Everyone cheered, applauded, and grabbed their cameras to record this wonderful moment. This is also a traditional Chinese performance, and the non-Chinese teachers and children were even more curious and happy to see this great performance. 

04/ InAmerica’s New Year Greeting


During this past year, all of us at InAmerica worked diligently with our students and parents during the busy application season and the background enrichment preparation period.

By doing so, we have achieved results that our students and families can be proud of!  

Furthermore, we have witnessed the progress of our students and the achievement of their application goals!

At the same time, we have also seen InAmerica's growth and received more trust, support, and friendship from our families and students.


We are grateful for this recognition and trust, allowing each of us at InAmerica to stay true to our educational mission. We are able to assist, enhance, and positively change the educational path for our students.


All of us at InAmerica wish our students and parents a new year of hope and prosperity!

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