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InAmerica   International   Since   2010

Student Mentorship Program

Program Background

Introducing InAmerica Education’s Student Mentorship Program:
Empowering Future Leaders

Welcome to our

College Division Student Mentorship Program,

a transformative initiative designed to empower high school students on their journey toward higher education.

Powerful Connection

At the heart of this program is a powerful connection between top university students and current high schoolers, carefully curated based on shared cultural backgrounds, personalities, academic interests, extracurricular activities, and dream schools.

Beyond Conventional Mentorship

Our innovative approach goes beyond conventional mentorship by fostering personalized relationships between mentors and mentees. Through monthly meetings, student mentors become guides, providing tailored guidance on crucial aspects of the college preparation process.

Academic advancement.

Essential skill development.

Invaluable insights into the intricate world of higher education.

Unique Mentorship Experience

In this unique mentorship experience, high school students not only gain valuable knowledge about college applications but also receive mentorship that is culturally sensitive and understanding of their individual aspirations.

By combining the wisdom of accomplished university students with the enthusiasm of those aspiring to step into the world of higher education, our program creates a supportive environment where dreams are nurtured, and future leaders are shaped.

Student Mentors

Tesvara Jiang

Vera Li  

Leo Wang




Stanford University

Cornell University

Williams College


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