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InAmerica   International   Since   2010

Advisory Board

The primary objective of this advisory board is to bring together a diverse group of well known experts, thought leaders, and well-connected authorities in the field of international education and educational consultancy. Their collective wisdom, experiences, and insights will play a vital role in guiding our strategic decisions, refining our services, and ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the industry.

The Advisory Board of Consultations
will serve as a valuable resource in the following ways

 Expert Guidance: Members will provide expert advice and recommendations on the latest trends, best practices, and innovations in educational consulting.

Quality Assurance: Their input will help us maintain the highest standards of excellence in our services, ensuring that we consistently deliver outstanding support to our students and clients.

Diverse Perspectives: The board will offer diverse perspectives, allowing us to better understand the unique needs of our global clientele and tailor our offerings accordingly.

Strategic Direction: Members will assist in shaping our strategic vision, enabling us to adapt and thrive in a dynamic and evolving industry.

This exciting initiative is a significant step in our journey to elevate InAmerica Education to new heights. Together, we will make a lasting impact in the field of international education consulting.

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Audrius Barzdukas

Head of School at Poly Prep Country Day School

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Audrius Barzdukas, a dynamic education leader, is currently the Head of Poly Prep Country Day School, having previously served as the Associate Head of School at Harvard-Westlake. With a transformative approach, Audrius has achieved record enrollment, diversity milestones, and outstanding outcomes. His earlier roles include positions at the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee and USA Swimming. Dedicated to shaping a global and diverse learning community, Audrius is a recognized force in educational leadership.

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Samuel Lundquist

Former Vice Dean &

Chief Advancement Officer at Wharton

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Samuel Lundquist, a transformative leader in higher education administration, currently serves as Senior Advisor for International Relations at the University of Southern California and the Marshall School of Business. He concluded his 30-year career at the University of Pennsylvania as Vice Dean & Chief Advancement Officer at the Wharton School. Other key roles at Penn and Wharton included Assistant Vice President for Development and Campaign Initiatives, Chief of Staff & Managing Director, and Director of MBA Admissions. Sam also worked at Bucknell University as Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations and as Associate Director of Admissions. He was the Director of MBA Admissions at Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business.

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