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InAmerica   International   Since   2010

 College Application Consulting

Education Philosophy

“ Each student has an energy that cannot be underestimated, and each story has the gravity that attracts famous schools. ”

Harvard's school motto includes the phrase, "Before you can change the world, you need to understand it." This is one of the educational values that InAmerica's local application team has always recognized. The application process is also a process of student growth and transformation. We attach importance to the results as well as the inspiration and cultivation of students’ character, personality, and behavior. In the current trend of studying abroad, many labels such as “standardization,” “scores,” and “ranking” are most people’s focus. We do not forget our original intention and insist on the goal of holistic education.  Such a concept has won us the recognition of many students and parents all around the world. What makes us even more proud today is that the admission rate of InAmerica's US application team reached, 88% in the top 30 universities in the United States. Each of the top 50 universities in the United States has consistently admitted students from InAmerica every year.

Multidimensional Method

We use a multidimensional model with standards from top university's education philosophy to conceptualize and concrete the application consulting services, which can help our students to understand the essence more easily, fully prepare, and finally stand out!


Consulting Team

InAmerica's team firmly believes in developing an international tutoring system that explores the best concepts in Sino-American culture and education and constantly strives to be the most insightful and influential education experts in their respective fields. We pride ourselves in providing all-inclusive support, from early education through ivy league admissions help. This includes personalized guidance from a college application consultant, which is essential to helping students gain valuable tools and resources toward their educational goals. As leaders in elite education, we believe that “reflection matters,” and we know that every seed we plant with our students has the potential to grow into a prosperous tree. We work hard to safeguard this educational promise and to guide our students toward fruitful and fulfilling lives.

College admissions counseling ensures students are prepared with professional guidance that will be essential throughout the college admissions process. Students gain more than just comprehensive support and expert advice during this time. They will also have one-on-one guidance to ensure they complete the process to the best of their ability. Whether they are applying for high school or have goals of attending an ivy league college, personalized guidance while planning their educational endeavors is paramount to ensure they complete the process with the understanding of how their talents will help them achieve academic success.


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Director for

College Admissions

Associate Director of

College Division


Senior Consultant for

College Admissions

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Senior Consultant for

College Admissions

Consulting Services


High School Planning
& Application


12th Grader Application


College Transfer Application


Additional Services

Case Study

Our Students


46% from International Department of High Schools in China / International Schools

32% from American private high schools

17% from American public high schools

5% from other countries and regions

Region Distribution

31% from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

52% from North America

10% from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

7% from other cities, countries and regions


100% successful application

88% getting offer of top 50 school

61% getting offer of top 30 school

12% applying for art

 Academic Highlight

59% from the top private schools in the United States, China and other countries and regions

52% getting SAT 1400 + or ACT 32+

75% getting grades of top 20%

35% getting outstanding interest and ability to persist for over 5 years

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